Sunday, April 22, 2007

Metro Rail to claim 1500 trees

Metro Rail to claim 1500 trees
Sunday April 22 2007 09:43 IST

BANGALORE: ‘Namma Metro’ will devour 1500 trees, most of which are timber-rich and fruitbearing native trees.

The saplings planted to compensate the loss, however, are fast growing varieties of low or no timber value. According to the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited(BMRCL), about 15,000 saplings of Pongamia, Sampige, Neem, Tamarind and Mahogany have been planted all over the City to make-up for the loss of adult trees.

Greens call this move a ‘skewed’ plan, wherein an excess of low-value trees are planted on the edges of the City and adult trees, that adorn the core are cleaned up. It is pointed out that this will lead to an ecological imblance.

Botanist, Centre of Ecological Studies, IISC, H S Suresh said, “P r o p o r t i o n a t e afforestation of indigenous or native fruityielding trees like Mango, Jamun and Jackfruit, is called for. These trees provide shade and shelter to the monkeys, squirrels, and birds to breed and live in, thereby sustaining a variety of organisms.”

“Pongamia species is worth planting as it serves as a fertiliser and bio-fuel. Trees like Sampige and Mahogany are fast-growing trees but do not sustain other living organisms,” says Suresh.

Talking about the possible problems with fastgrowing trees, he said, “Cutting down trees will, besides depriving the animals, birds and insects of their life-supporting system, will choke the City’s lungs. Apart from disturbing the ecological balance, it could contribute further to monkey menace. Care should be taken to plant more fruit-yielding trees, if we care for nature and its things,” added Suresh.

The BBMP was entrusted with the task of nurturing 3000 saplings, BDA was to take care of 5000 saplings and the Forest Department about 7000 saplings. The BDA has planted the 5,000 saplings at the Anjanapura Layout and BBMP at the OMBR Layout, Kalyanagar.

The Forest Department has planted saplings at Nagarbhavi, Jnanabharathi Layout, Yelahanka, Kengeri, Kaggalipuram Range and K R Puram.


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