Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A degree of success for parking meters

A degree of success for parking meters

The Hindu

BANGALORE: Parking meters translate into equal opportunities for all and facilitate orderly manoeuvring of vehicles. This is what those using the system on Brigade Road and Commercial Street feel.

Smitha Kulkarni, a software professional, who shops on these roads during weekends, says the maximum time of two hours she is entitled to is adequate in the case of Commercial Street."

"It is difficult on Brigade Road as my husband and I cannot both shop and eat at our favourite joint within that time. Despite this, we favour automated parking as it is better regulated," she says.

Suresh Gowda, a driver from Mysore who often takes his customers to Commercial Street, finds it difficult to find parking space during peak hours. He then parks in the space opposite the Army School on Kamaraj Road or on a stretch before the road joins M.G. Road.

An owner of a readymade garment shop on Commercial Street says the parking meters have in no way affected business. His customers have never complained about the system.

Ajai G.M., Chairman, Business Promotion, Commercial Street Association, says the automated system has helped decongest the street, as it used to be mainly occupied by the shop owners' vehicles.

Suhail Yusuff, Secretary, Brigade Shop and Establishments Association, defends the high parking fee by pointing out that the fuel spent on cruising for suitable parking space would work out more expensive. By making available the space to shoppers, the association was providing a desperately needed service, says Mr. Yusuff.

The association, the first to implement the system in partnership with BBMP, earns Rs. 3 lakh a month on an average. After paying the revenue share to the Palike, the remaining is used for betterment of the area. The association will shortly have a parking information system where a big board will be installed at the M.G. Road-Brigade Road junction announcing which parking blocks are vacant.


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