Tuesday, March 27, 2007

April to see temperatures rising further

April to see temperatures rising further
Deccan Herald

Bangaloreans have begun shopping for sun block and summer wear and sipping masala lemonade or ice tea to beat the summer heat, but the mercury is only going to rise further in April, making it the hottest month.

Meteorological Department statistics suggest that the highest maximum temperatures recorded so far in March 2007 have been slightly higher than those in March 2006.

The highest temperature recorded in March 2006 was 34.4 degree celsius. The highest this year, so far, for the month was recorded on March 25 -- 35.9 degree celsius.

Meteorological Department Director Vijayaraghavan G S says, ā€œIn the last 18 years, only on four occasions has the mean maximum temperature during March been close to normal, which is 32.4 degree celsius. In the remaining years, it was above normal.ā€

One contributing factor for such rise in temperature has been population explosion, drastic increase in the number of vehicles on the road, apart from growing number of industries, all of which emit increased carbon dioxide, he explained.

Respite in April

There is no respite from the heat this month as it is the driest month with no rainfall, says he. But the City will see the highest temperatures in April though there there will be some showers at the end of the month.

The maximum temperatures will get arrested with development of clouds and onset of thundershowers in May.

The mean maximum temperature for April expected is 33.6 degree celsius. This is because at least three days of rainfall is expected and 46.3 mm of rainfall is normal for the month.

For May, when the mean maximum temperature is expected to be 32.7 degree celsius, a minimum of seven days of rainfall is expected and 119.6 mm of rainfall is normal.


The highest maximum temperatures recorded in Bangalore in the month of March from 1996 to 2006:

1996 - 37.3 degree C

1997 - 34.8 degree C

1998 - 37.2 degree C

1999 - 35.6 degree C

2000 - 35.1degree C

2001 - 36.5 degree C

2002 - 35.7 degree C

2003 - 35.4 degree C

2004 - 36.2 degree C

2005 - 36.4 degree C

2006 - 34.4 degree C


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