Monday, January 22, 2007

Bangaloreans speak out: Shame on you, politicians!

Bangaloreans speak out: Shame on you, politicians!

New Delhi: Shame on you, politicians!

That's the message of disgust and revulsion that Bangaloreans are sending out after 72 hours of communal violence gave the Tech City a bad name. In hundreds of comments posted by IBNlive readers, who were shaken and shattered to see their loved city swept by communal hatred and mob violence in a matter of just two days, they squarely blame the politicians for turning the city into a communal flashpoint.

One reader, Merwin, best sums up the frustration among the average Bangaloreans, when he/she says: "IT capital, Greater Bangalore, cosmopolitan. These words sound so out of place when we witness the incidents that are happening today."

Most Bangaloreans seem to be unanimous in their conclusion that there were political hands in turning the peaceful city into a hot spot of communal turmoil. And the Congress party and its leaders seem to bear most of the brunt of the readers' attack.

"Opportunistic Congress politicians like Dharam Singh, Jaffer Sharief and S Bangarappa – who dances his way from one party to another like a modern-day Nataraja – should be personally held responsible for what has happened. These politicians should be held liable for the death and destruction in Bangalore in the last few days," says T Varadaraj.

Another reader sees it as "another tactic" of politicians "to confuse people and get votes." "The Congress saga never ends. I guess the party is feeling the pinch after losing power in Bangalore and is back to its roots of confusing and dividing people to garner support," he says.

"Shame to the people who are destroying the image of Bangalore by ransacking shops and burning public property. At one hand the Congress wants to be a key ally of US, while on the other hand, its own party members like Jaffer Sharief and Dharam Singh are protesting against the US," he points out.

In his reaction to the sudden communal upheaval in the Tech City, Rajiv says: "All riots are instigated and manufactured for political profit. Till now, no top leader has been held to account for these. It is time this stops. The Congress and the Hindutva mobs are directly responsible for the anti-Sikh and the Gujarat riots respectively. The only difference between these leaders and the likes of Jinnah is the scale of their mischief. The day fear of law prevails on these scoundrels, riots would stop occurring. For this, we the people have to take lead. Because today the victim may be some obscure person, but tomorrow it is as well likely to be you," he argues.

Giri says people who go ahead and indulge in riots at someone's instigation "should ask their leaders to join them in the riots. A leader shouldn't just talk in a meeting, he should be out there conducting riots too," he argues.

"It is disgusting to read that former chief minister attended such a rally, only to appease minorities," says Rajesh Karkera. "The ruling coalition should be blamed for giving opportunities to anti-social elements to succeed. Those who are responsible for this riot should be hanged," he demands.

Sharath also speaks in the same tune. "Politicians are the people who are playing this crappy game. They should be put behind bars."

Most readers also agree on the point that there was no need to organise such a rally in the first place. GVK, an IBNlive reader, alleges that the communal tension was an attempt by Congress leader Jaffer Sharief "to show to the party high command that he is still alive."

"Saddam's execution took place weeks back and Indian Government very well expressed its apprehension on that. I am very sure that even Jaffer Sharief is well aware of all these, and he even knows that there is no meaning in the meeting. Just to prove his existence, he did this and managed to get the media and party attention at the cost of lives of poor people and public property. If Congress party really wants Indians to live in harmony, it has to stop encouraging this kind of politicians in the party, " he writes.

"There was no need for them to organise a rally which also included our ex-chief minister. It is a shame! Saddam is no way related to India," argues Satish.

Majid says some Muslims are easily exploited by some elements. "But to say that Muslims were the one who started it is unfair. The dirty politicians who had assembled in MG Raod area on Friday against US policies, included both Hindu and Muslim politicians. Yes, the Muslim processionists had no business removing posters of a Hindu group. But we should rather arrest the Hindu and Muslim politicians who played this dirty vote bank politics," he says.

Nathan says police are to be blamed in the first place. "They gave permission for such a rally with political motive. They don't even protect Innocent people. They are fit for nothing. Only thing these police know is to stop two-wheelers and four-wheelers and ask for bribes. Not to act pro-actively in such situations," he points out.

Rakesh Zinni says, "the courts should slap multi-million rupee fines on these political leaders and put them out of business once and for all." "I bet there is a politician behind this. Just because they have power, they think they can get away with anything. I hope they are severely punished for this," demands Tasmia Haroon

Ramamurthi Hari Rao also argues that organisers of such rallies should be held responsible for this.

Abdul appeals to his fellow citizens to stop joining such rallies, which are held "for silly reasons." "I think people who participate in such rallies are either insane or the ones who take the opportunity like this to attack the vulnerable, loot shops and molest women."


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