Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Metro Rail: A noiseless option

Metro Rail: A noiseless option
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The Bangalore Metro Rail, once complete, will not only reduce traffic congestion is the city, but will also be quite noiseless, if decibel estimates are anything to go by.

According to Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) officials, the sound from metro rail is estimated to measure an average of 72-80 decibels.

This is far below the maximum permissible levels of noise. As per the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, the maximum level of noise that is permissible is 125 db. Other estimates revolve around two factors that influence damage to the ear from loud sounds.

One is the intensity of the sound and the other is the duration of exposure to the noise.

Thus, a person exposed constantly to 85 db for over 16 hours can suffer damage to the ear. Every increase of 5 db in the noise level decreases the exposure time by half.

Thus, by all standards, the metro rail will be quite noiseless. In fact, the ‘noise’ from rock and hard metal music bands go upward of 110 db, while jet planes produce noise to the tune of 140 db, sudden exposure to which can also damage ears.

The Metro Rail, even by conservative estimates, will produce lesser noise than the levels produced at an average traffic jam, thus reducing noise pollution in the City considerably.

With this, commuters in the City could well have another reason to welcome the project that is set to reduce the traffic congestion and the noise levels on roads.


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