Sunday, November 26, 2006

Commuters irked over ‘service’ charge for pre-paid autos

Commuters irked over ‘service’ charge for pre-paid autos
The Times of India

Bangalore: Those who avail the services of a pre-paid auto from Forum Mall on Hosur Road are irked over the collection of an extra one rupee as ‘service’ charge by the people at the counter.
They voiced out their protest to the traffic police over the ‘service’ charge being collected from the commuters since Friday.
Two pre-paid auto counters were opened near both entrances of Forum Mall on Hosur Road and Dairy Circle Road a year ago.
These counters are being run by the Forum Mall authorities with assistance from traffic police.
“When they did not collect any service charge for the last one year, why are they collecting it now?” commuters asked police.
When contacted, DCP traffic (East) M A Saleem said, “The Forum Mall authorities are not supposed to collect any service charge from people using the prepaid counters. If they are doing it, it is illegal and we will advice them.’’
These counters have been set up to help those who visit the malls and service charge should not be charged from them, he added.
There are 12 pre-paid auto counters in the city, including the one near airport. The pre-paid counter at airport is run with the help of traffic police. No service charge is being collected from commuters here, Saleem explained.
The pre-paid counters located near the railway station and KSRTC bus stand are being run by the autorickshaw drivers’ unions, only they are authorised to collect service charge, Saleem said.


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