Saturday, November 25, 2006

BMIC depends on a certain god: Kheny

BMIC depends on a certain god: Kheny
The Times of India

Mysore: Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise MD Ashok Kheny is confident the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor project will be completed. Work from Mysore will commence soon, he said on Thursday, provided the “god of Padmanabhanagar” gives land to the company.
Ashok Kheny, who was indirectly referring to former prime minister H D Deve Gowda, said the company, which is following legal procedures, has asked for land from the government. “The road we are to connect to Bangalore from Mysore falls under Chamundeshwari constituency. Let people of the constituency, where elections are being held, decide if they have to give priority to infrastructure or family affairs,” he said.
Kheny attributed the delay in starting work from Mysore to a blame game between the KIADB and public works department. He felt though the company is ready to start work, KIADB has maintained that PWD is the sanctioning authority for the 15 acres of land in Chamundeshwari constituency, while the latter says it is waiting for “God”.
He said the new road between Bannerghatta and Hosur roads will be opened to the public by November 30, to ease traffic congestion.
On Greater Bangalore, Kheny had this criticism: “What they are doing for a Greater Bangalore is wrong. When you can’t feed your family, why adopt your neighbour’s kids? Worry about your house first and then your neighbour’s.”
Coming down heavily on chief minister H D Kumaraswamy, who is campaigning for his party candidate Shivabasappa in Chamundeshwari, Kheny termed the CM’s recent tour of villages as part of his Janata Darshan, a “gimmick before elections”.
“Staying in people’s houses and posing for photographs are just to show that he cares for the villagers. It is sinful. If you really mean it, sleep in villages every day.”
He said Mysore is the greatest city in the world, which has to maintain its beauty and not make a cesspool of garbage like Bangalore. The city can produce good engineers, he added.


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