Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You’ve to pay if you take the EH way

You’ve to pay if you take the EH way
Deccan Herald

There is always a first, and two-wheeler riders, in future will have to pay a price to reach a specific destination in the City.

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has fixed its toll rates, for users who will take the Elevated Highway (EH) on Hosur Road, where two-wheeler riders will also be charged.

For the first time in the City, Rs 10 is being charted as a fixed price to be collected from two-wheeler riders who will use the 10 kilometre stretch, to get to Electronic City.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, NHAI officials said that the rates were fixed as per the financial viability of the project. “All Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) projects have rates fixed according to the project specifications and requirement. Since the Elevated Highway project runs into hundreds of crores of rupees, we have take into consideration the financial returns as well. Hence we have to charge the two-wheelers also,” revealed a source.

NHAI usually fixes Base Rates for four-lanes on a ‘per kilometre rate’, which can vary from project to project. However, an average charge of Rs 2 is fixed for buses and trucks, while 0.60 paisa is charged for cars per kilometre, as returns in big projects.


Since the EH project not only has a 10-lane provision, it also provides for a 10 km stretch flyover, which facilitates high density traffic movement.

NHAI will build three Toll Plazas, on the EH. While one will be towards the end of the ramp leading into Electronic City, the second one will be on the end of ramp leading into Electronic City Phase II. The third Main Toll Plaza will be located towards the end of the EH, because locating it at the beginning of the flyover, would mean traffic congestion again, sources said.

However, the charges have to be paid by only those using the EH, who will either be headed toward the Electronics City, or towards Hosur. Those taking the ground route will pay the user charge only when they are crossing the Karnataka border.

Details of user charges

Type of vehicle At-grade section Elevated section

Two wheelers 0 10

Car 15 25

Mini-bus 25 35

Bus 50 70

Light Commercial 25 35

Vehicles (LCVs)

Trucks 50 70

Earth moving 150 140

equipment &

Heavy Construction Machinery

All figures in Rs


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