Friday, September 22, 2006

Hungry? Food is a click away

Hungry? Food is a click away
Deccan Herald

Lazy to prepare Sunday brunch or even drive to a nearby restaurant to have a quick bite? Help is only a click away. True to its identity, Bangalore offers an IT solution. A team of four young engineers have developed a website linking the various hotels in Silicon city. At the click of a mouse, you can relish the food of your choice, in the comfort of your home.

The only effort couch potatoes will have to make is to click on the “web plate” and choose the restaurant and your choice of food. And within minutes have it delivered at your doorstep.

The facility, though not new to cities like New York, Washington, is new to India. The website is all set for a launch this month.

Anyone may use the website without paying any money. But service charge is left to the discretion of managements of the member restaurants.

“It is very useful for software professionals who need to work long hours in front of the computer and might need a quick snack,” said Mr Nirajkumar, one of the directors of ‘Nexus Incorp’, which has developed the website.

The website will also provide respite to individuals and families from driving through busy hours during the peak hours, hunting for a suitable food joint.

85 restaurants

Mr Nirajkumar, a graduate of IIT-Kharagpur, adds, “The company has entered into agreement with some corporate firms to benefit their employees. At present, you can order food from 85 restaurants across the city. Pai Group, Nandini chain of restaurants, Tiger Bay, Malgudi are among the restaurants listed on the website. Many more restaurants will soon be roped in.”

Though the restaurants would get a free service from the website for the first one month, user fee will be collected from each restaurants depending upon the size of the orders they get through the website, he said, indicating that similar service would be launched in Mumbai and Delhi.


Log on to

Click on the restaurant of your choice, situated close to your place

View the menu card with the price list.

Provide information like e-mail address, phone numbers

Place the order online

Wait for an email response confirming acceptance of order, order code.

Confirm the order when restaurant calls again before packing the food

Take the delivery and pay for the order


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