Saturday, July 22, 2006

Suvarna Bangalore initiative is old wine in new bottle: Mayor

Suvarna Bangalore initiative is old wine in new bottle: Mayor
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Mayor Mumtaz Begum has termed Commissioner K Jairaj’s Suvarna Bangalore initiative as ‘old wine in new bottle.’ After learning about his plans for better city maintenance, she said that the BMP had been doing the same work under various heads, but it has been packaged differently now. A few months ago, a similar programme was launched under the title SWORD. Upkeep of roads and drains is part of the regular duty of ward officials, she said.

Begum, however, said there would be no budgetary shortage for the Commissioner’s programme, which is estimated to cost Rs 2 crore. When asked if the mayor’s office was appraised of the plans that would bring the civic body under public glare, she said that the proposal may have been sent to her when she was out of town. But she declined to comment if there was any communication gap between her and the Commissioner.

Leader of the ruling party in BMP H Ravindra said that Suvarna Bangalore was a very good initiative. He said the council would not object to such pro-people’s measures, but maintained that there had not been much discussion on the matter between the officials and the councillors.

Ravindra said he approved the programme and added that it may not entail much expenditure, and the needed funds could be provided from the calamity relief funds.”


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