Thursday, July 27, 2006

‘Stop imposing one-way rule in Garden City’

‘Stop imposing one-way rule in Garden City’
In my view, chaos in central areas is aggravated due to four reasons. First, the mindless obsession of Bangalore traffic police for creating one-ways. Second, the lack of traffic discipline among Bangaloreans.

Third, the lethargy on the part of the police to enforce discipline by issuing challans for traffic rule violations and lastly, due to the indifferent attitude of the BMTC while setting up bus stops. In my view, chaos can be reduced if the road between Lifestyle mall on Richmond Road and Garuda Mall is made a two-way. This will reduce the burden on MG Road as vehicles coming from Airport Road to Garuda Mall need not take the M G Road.

There should not be a BMTC bus stop on Commissariat Road, it should be shifted on Hosmat Hospital Road. Similarly the bus stop right in front of Garuda Mall should be shifted towards Lifestyle junction. One fails to understand why bus stops are located next to road curvings and junctions. Allowing parking facility on weekends on Brigade Road is like turning a blind eye to the chaos.

Closing Brigade Road for vehicular movement is not the solution as it will cut north-south movement.

One should look into the possibility of converting part of St Mark’s Road into a two-way, and shift the entrance for KSCA to Cubbon Road from MG Road. The Traffic Police should also consider parade grounds on MG Road and football stadium near Garuda mall for parking.


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‘No parking’ rule

The answer to traffic congestion lies in introducing car pooling like it is practiced in countries like Singapore and USA.

BMP must strictly ensure that licences are not given to malls that do not have sufficient car parking facility. There should be ‘No parking’ rule imposed between 9 am to 12 noon and 7 pm to 10 pm everyday on MG Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street. MG Road and Cubbon Road should be made a one-way.

Bilguli Iyengar

Los Angeles, USA

Cooperation needed

One quick and inexpensive way to overcome the problem of traffic congestion, and ensuring parking space for all road users is by allowing vehicles with even number plate to ply on even days of the month, and odd numbered vehicles on odd days of the month. However, public transport should be allowed. What is needed most is the co-operation of vehicle owners.

A Krishnan

CMH Road, Indiranagar


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