Saturday, July 22, 2006

E-governance, GIS: new face of BMP

E-governance, GIS: new face of BMP
The Times of India

Bangalore: It’s a new Bangalore that the BMP envisages, with a slew of aggressive and ambitious programmes lined up month after month.

The BMP, in partnership with eGovernments Foundation has chalked out a scheme which has programmes that would be launched at the rate of one a month. To start with, property tax would be integrated with GIS (Geographical Information System) which means, there would be no lapses in declaring a citizens’s exact property dimensions.

Srikanth Nadhamuni, managing trustee, eGovernments Foundation, said the entire exercise was a completely internet-driven enterprise. “There will be English and Kannada content. It will make for an interactive site where a complaint is filed online by a citizen and tracked later. The status is also monitored with the complaint tracking system.’’

The site would be interactive and transactional and will replace the existing stagnant and rarely-updated
To enhance the revenue from property tax, all wards will be covered under GIS, a long-pending project of the BMP. Is this a deliverable module? “This is user-friendly. It also does not mean all of BMP would be connected overnight, there needs to be capacity building’’ says BMP commissioner K Jairaj.

The bottomline — it requires the complainant to be computer-savvy. Which means, if you want to report a bad road, don’t shout at the corporator. Click and file the complaint.

August 15: New interactive BMP website September 15: Public grievance redressal system October 15: Property tax enhancement system November 15: Property tax integration with GIS Decemeber 15: Ward works module Jan 15: e-gov financials
The present control rooms of the BMP will also be upgraded so as to resemble a call centre. This means a citizen can get anything addressed by phone, in person or over e-mail.


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