Saturday, May 27, 2006

HC Roads Panel Admonishes Corporators For Laxity

Why is BMP sitting on files?
HC Roads Panel Admonishes Corporators For Laxity
The Times of India

Bangalore: Is there no code of conduct for city corporators? Do they not have any working hours despite being allotted offices and staff ? Why is the BMP council sitting on files and delaying projects? If they sit for over two-and-a-half months on files, how can deadlines be met?

Thus rages the fourth report of the high court-appointed committee on roads headed by Capt. Raja Rao. In its latest findings, the panel has made over 80 observations and recommendations on speeding up civic works, and has reprimanded the corporators for not being proactive.

Another pertinent observation: “Corporators are allotted offices; even so, ward engineers sit at the residences of corporators. How will work be implemented?’’

The panel has also come down on the modus operandi of Karnataka Land Army Corporation. “Contract agreements with the KLAC are onesided. Bills showing huge amounts and escalating rates are shown as project costs. It’s not fair to other contractors, which is why they don’t participate in the tendering process,” says the report. While in its previous findings the panel had brought to light BMP’s cartel system of awarding contracts, the fourth report focuses on KLAC eliminating competent participants.

Another point made is the absence of a vigilance cell, which the panel has recommended in all the previous reports. “After the term of the high court panel, there will be nobody to flash the torchlights on lapses and workings at the BMP, which is why a vigilance cell is important,’’ explain sources.

Report card

The committee, constituted on September 12, 2005, has submitted four voluminous reports. To date, there has been no action on its observations. BMP personnel say they have not received any directive from the high court on implementing any findings from any of the report so far. The panel will submit its fifth and final report in two months.


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