Sunday, January 29, 2006


Deccan Herald

Anuv Mahant

Student, Christ College

I definitely would like to see improved connectivity and better infrastructure in Bangalore.

The condition of the City, in the past two years has gone from bad to worse.

I hope this will all be in the past. Security is another key issue with Bangaloreans.

The new leader should also facilitate multinational firms to come to Karnataka.

Bob Hoekstra

CEO, Phillips Innovation Centre

I h-ope this government will deliver goods and not involve itself in power games. Bangalore has had no government in the last so many months. The entire bureaucracy is demoralised. What we need is good governance.

Tuhin Chatterjee

Activist, Green Peace

The new chief minister should emulate S M Krishna and bring back Bangalore its past glory.

We hardly had any government in the last two years and to bring development back on tracks, it will take a long time.

The chief minister should be committed enough to bring back normalcy and fast paced development to Bangalore and Karnataka.

Dr Pradeep

Medical practitioner, Belur

The new chief minister should concentrate on improving infrastructure and controlling corruption. He should also give priority to agriculture and agriculturists. We are fed up of the infighting between the political parties and leaders.

We want a stable government that would deliver goods to the people.

Syed Ghouse Mohiyuddin Shakhadri

Spiritual leader, Chikmagalur

We don’t want political instability in Karnataka any more.

I hope this was the last of what we saw. We need to move ahead.

The new chief minister should create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the State.

Mohan T

Self employed

After the Krishna government the clock for Bangalore’s development stopped ticking. The new chief minister should concentrate first on improving the infrastructure and woo back the IT sector.

Krishna Prasad

Head of programming, MSN India

The new chief minister needs to focus on getting the roads back in shape. There was a time when Bangalore was seen as a model City and centre for development. Today, it has become a joke. He should also win the hearts of the IT sector, who has been the major contributor to the City and State’s growth.

Whether young or old, the new leader has to have a vision and the ability to follow it relentlessly in the interest of the State.


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