Saturday, January 28, 2006

Best the dust to cross this stretch

Best the dust to cross this stretch
Vijay Times

Anger, tension, anxiety , and sometimes pain are writ large on the faces of motorists using the stretch connecting Begur with the Hosur Road.

Ask the motorists on the effort needed to cross this stretch and they describe it in one word ’herculean’.


This stretch of three kilometres welcomes every motorist with potholes and dust. Though there are potholes right at the place where the stretch begins, only a skillful motorist can negotiate them with ease and manage till Hongasandra.

However , the stretch between Hongasandra and the Canara Bank building in Begur can match the worst in the City .

Potholes filled with mud can be found by the dozen on this stretch and dust emerging from it temporarily blinds motorists thereby increasing the chances of accidents.


T raffic moves at a snail’s pace as the road is narrow and this results in motorists getting frustrated.

Suresh, a medical shop owner , said that the road had been in this condition for the last oneand-a-half years and that the concerned authorities had turned a blind eye to this problem.

Auto driver Nagaraj, who uses the stretch often, said, "Imagine the condition of the road if it takes 20 minutes to travel from Hongasandra to Begur , which is just two kilometres away ." V enugopal, a BPO employee, said, "During peak hours, it’s impossible to reach Hosur Road because of the heavy traffic."


T raffic Experts and Safety T rainers (TEST) Chairman M N Sreehari said the H osur Main Road did not have proper service roads. Also , it lacked illumination.

Further , there were only four lanes, which were not adequate to handle the traffic moving along the Hosur Road, he remarked.

When there are developed places like Bommanahalli Industrial Estate and the Begur town, which is growing further , the number of vehicles and pedestrian movement also increase.

At the junction, where the Begur Road joins the H osur Road, there is heavy congestion and therefore delay in mo vement of traffic. This also leads to accidents sometimes.

The road will have to be widened at this junction in the form of a dell mouth, so that entering and leaving the Begur Road becomes easy . In addition, a pedestrian subway or a sky walk has to be constructed so that vehicles can mo ve without hindrance.

At present, the width of the road is seven metres without a footpath. The number of vehicles parked at the turning causes heavy congestion.There is a need to widen the road by at least 2.5 metre on either side .

Also , at least 1.5 metre should be kept for the footpath.

Bommanahalli CMC Commissioner Uday Shankar , in a recent meeting, had said that Rs 9 lakh had been sanctioned for filling potholes on the stretch till Begur Cross. Meanwhile, there is a plan to re-asphalt the road beginning from the Hosur Road entrance.


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