Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bangalore unwired project to be rolled out

Bangalore unwired project to be rolled out
United News of India

Better known as Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore will soon take a lead over its competitors in the country in creating a city wide wireless infrastructure to provide seamless integerated wireless digital environment both for government and private users.

This will be the first phase of the ''unwire Bangalore'' project, taken up by the Karantaka Government to create an integerated wireless digital community covering a radius of 50 km to develop the city as a worldclass digital city.

It would provide an untethered fast network access to millions of users from the private, corporate and administrative sectors while creatin a mark for Bangalore as the innovative and progressive hub, high level sources in State Information Technology and Bio-technology department told UNI.

Setting its focus on the increasing PC penetration in the State, the State Government proposed to work together with leading Industry partners to implement a standardised city wide wirelss infrastruture.

The aim of Wireless Bangalore was to enable citizens to enjoy broadband in their homes, offices, schools and public places whether it was for personal, business or public usage.

The sources said that city's IT departments might integrate applications and data bases in a cost effective manner. New compoisite applications could then arise by combining previous disparate silos of information with the IT framework achieving an integrated platform supporting all eServices and eliminating duplication in infrastructure.


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