Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Temperature in Bangalore falls three degrees in just 2 days

Temperature in Bangalore falls three degrees in just 2 days
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: The rain gods have dispersed away from the sky of Bangalore and the climate is getting chiller day by day. With city temperature falling to all time low of this season, 15 degrees, the sudden chillness is being experienced.

“Until two days back, the temperature of Bangalore was normal. Now, the temperature has fallen three degree from last two days. The meteorological office has recorded 15 degrees on Monday,” A L Koppar, Director, Indian meteorological Department, told this website’s newspaper.

“Till December 23, the recent cyclone Mala was hanging around South West Bay of Bengal from December 16. Since the Mala has moved away from the region the temperature has fallen in Bangalore,” he said.

“Technically we don't call this wave cold at all. Its a enjoyable cold. Bangaloreans will enjoy the first winter bites starting from Tuesday,” he added.

Even the weather office at the GKVK has recorded 15 degrees on Monday. “The second week of January will have the extreme cold. As the winter this year, falling in advance we are entering into the extreme cold period,” said an official from the Agro meteorological Department, GKVK.

“For the next 15 days the chill weather is going to intensify and more chilled weather is expected during first week of January. Because of clear sky, the terrestrial radiation is more, thus earth surface is getting cooler.

This cool temperature coupled with the slight wind causing chill weather. There is no cloud or rain symptoms for another two weeks so the chill weather is expected to continue,” he added.


* Average Temperature of Bangalore during December is 11-13 degrees

* Bangalore's record minimum Temperature was recorded in December 1883: 8.9


* Recent record minimum Temperature was in December 1970: 10 degrees

* Bangalore's Temperature never went below 10 degrees from last 35 years


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