Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Official rules out CNG for vehicles in city

Official rules out CNG for vehicles in city

The Hindu

Transport Commissioner says LPG is more environment-friendly

Bangalore: Transport Commissioner Omprakash has ruled out the introduction of compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles in Bangalore, but said that as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) was more environment-friendly.

Autorickshaws in the city have been asked to convert from petrol to LPG. Of the 54,000 autorickshaws in the city, 28,000 are already running on LPG.

Speaking at an awareness seminar on "Care for air", organised by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Transport Department and the Eco-Watch, Mr. Omprakash said Bangalore is witnessing phenomenal increase in the number of vehicles. In 1993, the city had about five lakh vehicles, and now it was 24 lakh vehicles, majority being two-wheelers. The Centre had introduced norms for controlling pollution and that the new vehicles were compliant with them, it was the older vehicles that are the cause for pollution.

KSPCB Chairman Bhoomanand Manay underlined the importance of strict penalties to check air pollution. With vehicular population growing exponentially there has been pressure on the environment.

President of Eco Watch Suresh Heblikar said Bangalore has been ranked seventh most polluted city in the world.

There is need to cut down on usage of vehicles, he said and mentioned how some people used vehicles even for short distances.

Those polluting the environment, he said, have to be punished and the Government has to be serious about this.


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