Sunday, November 27, 2005

Study of project sought

Study of project sought
Deccan Herald

Basavanagudi Nagarikara Vedike has alleged that there are certain basic deficiencies in the technical and feasibility study carried out for the proposed grade separator project at Ramakrishna Ashrama Circle.

The Vedike, which conducted an independent technical assessment of the proposed project through some experts, has said that the proposals identified to solve the traffic problems near the Ashrama Circle are “technically unsound and economically unviable”.

Mr H S Mohan, office-bearer of the Vedike, which has been maintaining that there is no need for the grade separator at the Ash-rama Circle, alleged that no serious technical effort has been made to assess and quantify the problems with respect to traffic flow at the Circle.

The level of congestion at the intersection such as the current traffic volumes as against the capacity of the junction and the geometric deficiencies of the junction have not been clearly brought out in the feasibility report, he alleged. Unless a through diagnosis of the problem is carried out, a practical solution could not be found, he argued.

He further alleged that no thorough evaluation seems to have been carried out on whether the proposed flyover solves or creates problems, in terms of its environmental impacts, cost and economic viability.


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