Saturday, November 26, 2005

Is it a smooth ride ahead for projects?

Is it a smooth ride ahead for projects?
The Times of India

Bangalore: The high court order seems to have paved the way for two mega-projects which were kept on the back-burner due to land acquisition mess.

Peripheral Ring Road: The proposed road requiring 3,700 acres and covering 104 villages, has been notified. Though envisaged in the Comprehensive Development Plan of Bangalore 1995, the project was finalised only one year ago. According to the final project design, the PRR will run up to 110 km and has been mooted at a cost of Rs 1,190 crore. The eight-lane dual two-carriageway will be 100 metres wide and has been designed keeping in mind traffic density for the next 30 years.

Hi-Tech city: Work on the proposed IT-BT corridor project will begin shortly as the land acquisition process will be carried out. The BDA has already issued the preliminary notification to acquire 1,097 acres of land for the project. Estimated to cost Rs 700 crore, the corridor will run through the Outer Ring Road from Iblur to Electronic City Phase II. The corridor will have a connectivity through the 8.5 km mini-express highway which will be laid at a cost of Rs 35 crore. Envisaged exclusively to accommodate IT and BT firms, the corridor will make space for a residential colony as well.


Anjanapura: 459 acres, 6,700 sites
Anjanapura Extension: 487 acres, 3,900 sites
Sir MV Layout: 1,337 acres, 15,400 sites
Extension of Sir MV Layout: 510 acres, 5,300 sites
BSK VI Stage: 1,598 acres, 17,800 sites
Extension of BSK VI Stage: 750 acres, 5,900 sites


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