Monday, August 29, 2005

Rain drenches nightbirds

No walking at Sankey Tank
Rain drenches nightbirds
The Times of India

Bangalore: Late night revellers and people returning home late from work, not to mention BPO employees on their way to work, were in for an unexpected surprise late Saturday night — rainfall (over 58 mm) lashed across the city between midnight and the wee hours of Sunday.

As usual, the rain fell in scattered swathes. Residents near Church Street, Banashankari II and III Stage, Resthouse Road, Vyalikaval, Ejipura, Shantinagar reported mild to heavy flooding. However, Ulsoor Road, Kamaraj Road, Infantry Road and Queen’s Road resembled mini-lakes with vehicles moving gingerly to avoid the dangerously flooded drains.

The BCC control room, however, had no reported complaints of accidents, except for trees uprooted at Mohammaden block, Malleswaram, Rajajinagar, Kumara Park. The BCC’s Prahari has removed the trees.

India Meteorology department officials said this is usual weather for ‘breakmonsoon’ conditions. Such thunderstorms are to be expected for a while, they said.

On Sunday too, parts of the city such as Malleswaram, Vyalikaval, Palace Orchards and Sadashivnagar received heavy showers in the evening and night.

Three trees were uprooted in Malleswaram. Sewage water entered a house on Netaji Road in Frazer Town.

Walking and jogging around the Sankey Tank has stopped, thanks to BCC engineers demolishing a massive chunk of the retaining wall.
A portion of the wall, which was built two months ago, collapsed after heavy rain early last week.

“The exercise of building a wall and then demolishing it within a span of two months is such a wasteful expenditure of money and manpower,’’ complained BJP’s S Prakash, who has been spearheading a campaign on letting the lake be, as it was extensively done up by the Lake Development Authority.


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