Saturday, August 27, 2005

BMP discovers its ‘merciless’ side

BMP discovers its ‘merciless’ side
Deccan Herald

The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) has ordered a ‘merciless’ crackdown on encroachments which are obstructing the free flow in the storm water drains (SWD). Mayor R Narayanaswamy noted that there is no need for the BMP to serve prior notice in case of such encroachments on its property.

The Mayor’s orders came while on an inspection of the progress of SWD remodelling works along Koramangala Valley on Friday. The private properties that are found jutting into SWDs or those which act as obstacles, will also be acquired as per the law, BMP Commissioner K Jothiramalingam said.

An ‘anti-litter fee’ clause is meanwhile sought to be incorporated to the KMC Act to check indiscriminate dumping of waste into SWDs. The BMP has submitted such a proposal to the government, the commissioner said.

The BMP has also demanded an interface with the Director of Municipal Administration and the Commissioners of the City Municipal Councils, to work out a strategy for maintenance of SWDs entering into their areas. According to an assessment made by Stup Consultants for the BMP, regarding obstructions and causes for flooding of SWDs, weed growth and cables laid by service providers - BWSSB, BESCOM are the major obstructions in the CMC limits while encroachments by way of building constructions are the problem in BMP limits.

As part of the Rs 380.75 crore worth remodelling work on SWDs, the BMP is conducting talks with the ASC defence establishment at Agaram and the KGA along Airport Road to permit ‘boxed-model’ SWDs to pass through their areas.

Mr Jothiramalingam said that a ‘bypass drain’ has been proposed through ASC; it will reduce the load on the main line of the Koramangala Valley SWD and ease the situation faced by the residents in the low-lying Ejipura area. The line along KGA is to meant to facilitate the required drop for easy flow, he said.


A proposal to divert Koramangala Valley’s storm water drain arm leading to Bellandur Lake in the Jakkasandra extension area is before the BMP. The proposal was reportedly made to BMP by the Shanthinagar Housing Building Co-operative Society after the BMP pulled it up for attempting to do so on its own and in violation of the law.

The said arm of the SWD cuts through the Jakkasandra New Extension being developed by the society. The society has reportedly offered to provide the diversion space for the drain at double the width of the existing drain.


BMP Commissioner Jothiramalingam explained that the BMP will consider the proposal if the society is ready to bear the additional cost of diversion also on itself.

The SWD cuts right through the society’s property and the developers don’t want it, he observed. The said society has been also served another notice by the BMP for damaging the service road alongside the SWD in the ST-Bed area.

Heavy equipment related to construction activities was carted through the road when the latter is not meant for such traffic, BMP officials explained.


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