Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tango with mangoes

Tango with mangoes

Deccan Herald

Mangoes have flooded the City and what better way to hang out with friends than with a basket of the juicy varieties.

Mangoes have flooded the market in the City and statistics state that more mangos are eaten fresh all over the world than any other fruit! A tropical fruit, today there are over 1,000 different varieties of mangoes throughout the world. The mango is known as the king of fruit and the name mango is derived from the Tamil word mangkay or man-gay.

Get into the spirit

To get into the spirit of the mango season, Metrolife decided to invite a few of the models in the City to the Mango Festival that is on at the Trivoli Gardens at the Capitol Hotel and let them enjoy the variety on the mango menu. The most enthusiastic of the group who came in wearing yellows and oranges to match the mangoes was Zoheb. “ I love mangoes as long as they are sweet,” said Zoheb, adding, “We are just back from a fashion show in Coorg and we ate poly- mangoes all the way back ot the City. Eating them reminds me of my boarding school that I went to named St Georges Homes in Ooty. I can never eat mangoes without making a mess of my clothes .”

Pretty as a picture, all of 17, Anoushka Sharma, said, “I dislike ripe mangoes but don’t mind eating them in a cake or milk shake as otherwise I make a terrible mess of myself. My skin too gets funny if I overdo eating mangoes. My dad insists I have a glass of milk and he sometimes flavours it with mango for me,” she said.

While Venu, the guy with the bod to watch, said his family had a mango farm back in Tamil Nadu. Not particularly too fond of the fruit, he too felt they are messy to eat, as he prefers enjoying them without a spoon.

Roshan Isaacs, who drives the girls mad at the ladies night at Club X dancing on the bar, said he was not too partial to the fruit. But “I do not mind a curry made out of mangoes or the sweet pickle made by my mum, otherwise I am not fond of mangoes at all.”

Mango king

The hunk who enjoys mangoes is Syed Muttalib. “My family has everything to do with the mango as they are fruit merchants in the City. My uncle is the ‘mango king’ here and I have grown up enjoying a lot of fruit. However, once when I was young I was eating a raw mango and the deek of it fell on my face and burnt it. Till date the scar has not left my face.”

Smita Rao, the gorgeous girl who is a dentist too, said, “Oh yes! I love mangoes and have grown up spending my holidays in Mangalore with my cousins climbing trees and eating as many ripe mangoes off the trees. We would all stand in a line outside the house and gorge as we were not allowed inside to mess the place! I love the Totapuri and the Alphonso varieties only and indulge during the season.

Alphonsos seemed to be the universal favourite and every one pigged on the Ratnagiri variety available at the photo shoot. The favourites seemed to be the mousse, litchis stuffed with mango, mango chaat and the thick mango shakes with a sliver of ice. It is a bumper harvest this year according to the fruit vendors, so go and enjoy the season while it lasts.


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