Saturday, May 28, 2005

It’s a nowhere govt, say people

It’s a nowhere govt, say people
Report Card Shows Below Average Performance
The Times of India

Bangalore: When the Congress and JD(S) embarked on the coalition experiment in May 2004, nobody knew where it was headed. One year later, we still don’t know. That’s the near unanimous feeling of our readers. And when it came to rating the coalition’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10, they, by and large, gave it a 2 or a 3, with only a few giving it 5. Only one reader, U.S. Iyer, gave it a 10 but that was “for the splendid feat of doing nothing for one year!”

Another reader, Usha G. Rao, sums up the people’s thoughts on the visible face of the ministry: “It’s not one individual but the constant mud-slinging between the coalition partners”. This was echoed by P.A. Sukumaran who plumped for “the twin face of CM and deputy CM because wherever the CM is, his deputy is there too to counter his statement. The other ministers seem to be non-existent”.

The deputy CM was the saving grace. Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was praised for implementing VAT. As Saigeeta K. puts it in tech terms: “Siddaramaiah is playing the role of an Operations Manager”.

The general feeling is one of sad resignation. Listen to Kiran C. Mohan’s complaint: “The people are confused as to what Dharam Singh is doing, other than listening to Deva Gowda or the high command.”

Perhaps Ishwar C. Araballi sums up the situation: “Deve Gowda is the non-playing captain though Dharam Singh says he is the boss. Obviously, he is permitted to say so by Deve Gowda!”


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