Thursday, May 26, 2005

‘Every tree in the city needs to be protected’

‘Every tree in the city needs to be protected’
The Times of India

We raise such a hue and cry when a tree is cut down, but with every heavy shower over a dozen trees fall. What needs to be done?
Every tree needs to be protected. The trees that topple with heavy rain and strong winds are done in by the cemented pavements that choke their roots. The roots need to breathe to be strong to hold their ground. Then again when the trees are pruned, it needs to be done scientifically and in a balanced manner. Big branches and branches only on the side of overhanging wires are lopped off, leaving the tree unbalanced. It’s not surprising so many trees fall.

What should be done to prevent this?
A two-foot area should be left uncemented around a fully grown tree. Bangalore’s topography is undulating and certain areas allow for gusts of wind. Earlier, huge trees would break the wind and protect the city. With the city growing, this topography should be maintained and the right trees should be planted. Further, the soil should be checked before planting trees. Wherever you find sandy, loamy soil, trees with roots that go deep into the ground should be planted.

What are the right kind of trees to plant?
Within the city, smaller trees could be planted, but wherever possible, like in open spaces and government offices and schools, big rain trees can be planted. Pongamia is an ideal tree for the city. While it helps a lot in purifying air, it also provides bio-fuel.


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