Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bescom gropes in the dark as poles come crashing down

Bescom gropes in the dark as poles come crashing down
The Times of India

Bangalore: This week has been one of the most damaging for Bescom — in terms of image as well as in costs and hours of energy lost.

Friday’s fury topped off the situation though. Within minutes of the rains lashing down on Bangalore, transformers all over town ‘exploded.’ The afternoon sky had already turned dark (read overcast) but within the hour, it was dark, in another sense too as electricity shut off all over town. Falling tree branches and forceful winds snapped powerlines and electric poles.

Reports of blackouts came in from virtually all areas including J.P. Nagar, Banashankari, Basavanagudi, Binny Mill area, National College, M.G. Road and its surroundings. The residents, in their eagerness to air their frustration of a week spent mostly in ‘darkness’ (every night there have been powercuts after heavy rains) inundated Bescom’s telephone lines too.

Till Thursday, Bescom officials said 431 poles had fallen and been replaced at a cost of Rs 40 lakh (about Rs 10,000 per pole). Friday night’s toll added to that tally. A total of 130 poles fell in Jayanagar and J.P. Nagar areas alone during the torrential rain, Bescom officials said. Two poles fell in Banashankari and reports from other areas were still being assessed, they told this paper.

The strong winds also blew away a solar panel installed on a house in Rajarajeshwarinagar.


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