Friday, February 18, 2005

Early onslaught of summer in city

City feels summer heat

Deccan Herald

It’s time to switch on your cooler. Yes, summer is slowly taking over and the temperature is rising each day.

According to the Met department, summer is approaching much before the normal schedule this year, and it is forecasted that the day temperature will shoot up in days to come. Usually, 1st of March marks the beginning of summer. But it is hotter much earlier this year, Met Department Director Dr A L Koppar told Deccan Herald.

In fact, the Met department recorded 35.9 degree celsius on Wednesday (Feb 16), which is said to be the hottest February day ever in Bangalore. It was in February 2001, the department had recorded the highest temperature - 35.5 degree celsius, he said. There is steady increase in temperature due to prevailing cloudless condition and blow of hot and dry winds from western parts of the country. “As the sky is clear, there is direct penetration of radiation on the earth. This contributes much to the increase,” he explained. Hot weather conditions is likely to continue for the next three to four days in the State as there is no indication of any changes in the weather, he added.

Minimum and maximum temperatures in the last
4 days:
Minimum Maximum
Feb 14
15.4o C 32.4o C

Feb 15
16.7o C 33.7o C

Feb 16
17.6o C 35.9o C

Feb 17
20.4o C 35.4o C


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