Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Set the slaughter houses in order

Set the slaughter houses in order
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Another festival has just passed. This year too, animals including camels, cows and sheep were slaughtered openly violating the Animal Sacrifices Act.

Like every other year, civic authorities and police turned a blind eye. Not because the matter was sensitive or highly politicised since some minister’s themselves supported slaughter. But also because the city does not offer adequate facilities to help legalise slaughter houses.

The health officer of the Bangalore City Corporation (BCC) issued notices urging the public not to buy meat of animals that have not been slaughtered in legalised slaughter houses. Nevertheless, with just three slaughter houses authorised by the civic body, he himself admits that it is not possible to stop people as the market was going to be flooded with meat from different sources.

Slaughter of animals on streets and backyards unscientifically is not only painful for the animal and a repulsive sight, it is also extremely unhygienic.

It is doubtful if these animals are certified by the veterinarians. Infections in them can cause severe health problems for human beings. Also, witnessing the bloody slaughter often causes psychiatric problems. Instances of women and children seeking help for counselling and medication after watching big animals being slaughtered at their doorsteps have increased in the past few years.

Animal welfare activists who were were up in arms against the slaughter, have themselves agreed for a compromise. For the first, time they are demanding a state-of-the-art slaughter house where animals can be slaughtered in a more humane manner. They are also demanding an animal house where the civic authorities can shelter the animals they have seized from unauthorised sources.

An animal house and state-of-the-art slaughter houses, if ever considered by the BCC, will not just make slaughter less painful for animals, prevent gruesome sights and ensure hygiene but will also help avoid controversies surrounding such festivals.


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