Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Lalbagh makeover in progress

Pedestrians can walk safe; Lalbagh walls get better
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: When the horticulture department went about removing stones from the compound wall of Lalbagh, rumours spread thick and fast that iron railings were set to replace the century old stone wall. The horticulture department has done nothing of the sort. Instead, it is rebuilding the compound wall where necessary keeping in mind the pedestrians using footpaths along the wall.

While the walls around the 240-acre lung space is being fortified at a cost of Rs 65 lakh, the Bonsai park inside is set to have a Japanese model Pagoda Archway. Visitors can look forward to an open air orchardium too. ‘‘We want to make Lalbagh not only a spot for entertainment but also a place where art and bio-diversity co-exist,’’ horticulture director Vasanthkumar told this website’s newspaper.

About the ongoing repair works of the compound walls, a Public Works Department engineer, who was supervising it, said that roots of the trees along the compound walls had sunk too deep, and at many places the compound wall stood precariously. This posed a threat to the safety of pedestrians using footpaths.

Vasanthkumar added that the compound wall built several decades ago had weakened at many places and had fallen apart at many places, especially after the recent rains. ‘‘It has been long since we have done any major renovation work.’’

The PWD official said the big trees by the side of the compound wall have always been a threat. He pointed out the danger it would cause to the walkers and beggars using the pavement. The PWD, meanwhile, has offered to take up further maintenance works.


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