Friday, August 20, 2010

Contemporary' design to ease congestion at BIA

Contemporary' design to ease congestion at BIA

BIAL unveils new design for the airport; a second terminal to come up at a cost of Rs1,000 crore

Bosky Khanna

The Bangalore International Airport (BIA) is all set to have a refurbished look with a new contemporary design replacing the earlier concrete pattern. The new design will offer more space to passengers and also make it greener with scope for landscaping and a small water body.
It also attempts at showcasing the culture of Bangalore.
"The design is more contemporary and aesthetic in look as it appeals to the next generation. The inside will have more traditional colour schemes and art works. It will be more appealing. It will also cater to increasing passenger traffic at the airport," informed BIAL managing director, GV Sanjay Reddy after the unveiling of the new design on Thursday.
Inadequacies at the airport are being answered in the new design, said Sanjay Reddy. The runway will be designed to cater the landing of Airbus 380. Details of its arrival and landing are being worked out under the new master plan.
Suggestions for the new design and architectural plan came from officials from the state government, Airport Authority of India, stake holders and citizens.
The decision of expansion and the design came after consultation with the chief minister and other ministers.
The airport will be re-inaugurated by the prime minister once the expansion is completed.
The upgraded Terminal One at the BIAL will make it spread in a 134,000 sq m space from the present 72,000 sq m, said GV Krishna Reddy, vice chairman, BIAL. Construction of Terminal Two will also commence along with the expansion of terminal one.
The Terminal Two will be completed by 2014 at a cost of Rs1000 crore, said Sanjay Reddy. About 11.1 million passengers visit the airport every year, added Sanjay.
According to the baseline projections the figure will increase to 17.2 million by 2014-15.
The BIAL is also planning to upgrade the VIP lounge within 45 days, after receiving complaints by the state government and politicians.


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