Friday, February 12, 2010

DEADLINE FINE, but how to go about it?

DEADLINE FINE, but how to go about it?
Govt Cites Budget, Manpower, Census Work And Exam Season As Hurdles | SEC Unfazed, To Announce Schedule After Reservation List Is Out
Aarthi R | TNN

Bangalore: It’s a Catch-22 situation for both the government and the State Election Commission (SEC). After strict instructions to stick to the March 30 deadline for the BBMP elections, both are in a tizzy. Hectic preparations will have to be made, and files moved swiftly. The biggest challenge will be mobilization of people to carry out election work.
“We must abide by the verdict. But the March deadline will pose problems, considering the code of conduct might also come into effect from February 22,’’ advocate general Ashok Haranahalli said. The upcoming budget session, census work and exam season in schools and colleges pose the biggest problems.
“The challenge is mobilizing people for election work amid so much of activity. As for reservation guidelines and list, strictly speaking, we should call for objections to the quota list notified. But now, there’s no time. We might have to go straight for notification, without giving time for people to file objections,” he explains.
SEC officials ruled out any delay in completing the pending formalities. “It might be too early to comment. But we will abide by the order. Our main requirement for the polls has been the reservation list. Now that the court has given a clear-cut deadline, there should be no problem. We will announce the elections once we get the final reservation list from the government,” SEC general secretary D K Ravindranath said.


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