Friday, February 19, 2010

Big 3 take e-pass initiative

Big 3 take e-pass initiative
First Batch Of Applications Given To Regular Users Of Expressway
Prashanth G N | TNN

Bangalore: The Big 3 of Electronic City — Infosys, Wipro and HP — will lead passenger response to the elevated expressway ahead of toll collection set to begin in the next 10 days.
The first batch of applications for monthly electronic passes have already been distributed to employees of Infosys and Wipro, who are keen on using the expressway. While the applications were given at Infosys a couple of days ago, the process was completed at Wipro on Wednesday and they’ll be given at HP in the next couple of days.
Expressway officials told TOI: “We have made a beginning with these passes and issued the first set. We will move on to all other companies in Electronic City. We expect the Big 3 to respond well and set the trend for others. Word is getting around gradually. Employees will discuss the pros and cons and then file their applications.”
A monthly pass costs Rs 900. An initial deposit is paid every month and the amount is deducted electronically at the toll plaza. There is no cash transaction as the deposit will be paid through credit card or a one-time payment for six months or more.
“The electronic deduction is made through the onboard unit that passengers would fix in their cars under the windshield. The equipment on the toll plaza will read the unit and deduct cash. The driver needn’t stop and pay or even swipe a card,” officials said.
Officials said the initial response could be slow. “Any new measure always takes some time to be accepted. We’re confident that in a few months we will make a lot of headway.”
Officials added that the pass would be beneficial for employees as they could make any number of trips to and from Electronic City within the 30-day period. “It is much more cost effective than a daily pass,” said officials.


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