Monday, February 15, 2010

Bangalore ablaze at 33.5 degrees C

Bangalore ablaze at 33.5 degrees C
TNN, 15 February 2010, 03:47am IST

BANGALORE: Sunday was unusually hot for February, signalling that summer could be here early. Many who were out enjoying the holiday, felt the blazing heat.

The temperature was 33.5 degrees Celsius, the second highest recorded in the past 30 years in February, and at least four degrees higher than normal. In February 2005, the highest had gone up to 35.5 degrees.

While acknowledging that such soaring temperatures were abnormal in Bangalore, the meteorological department staff said pre-monsoon showers would cool the city in March and April. The temperature could rise even more in February.

Humidity was also unusually low, at just 25%, and had hit 16% early this month. “The temperature is considerably high. But it happens occasionally.

Raichur and Bijapur are even higher, at 35.4 degrees and 34.7 degrees respectively. We cannot comment what effect this will have on agriculture,” the duty officer told TOI. It’s probably time to prepare for an intense summer ahead.


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