Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AAI counters BIAL report

AAI counters BIAL report

Express FeaturesFirst Published : 17 Feb 2010 04:25:50 AM ISTLast Updated : 17 Feb 2010 07:26:47 AM IST
BANGALORE: The Airport Authority of India (AAI) on Tuesday filed a detailed counter in the High Court alleging that the Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) has cooked up figures regarding airport capacity assessment.
In its counter filed by DP Singh, General Manager (CP and MS), AAI stated that BIAL’s assessed peak hour passenger capacity (PHP) of 6,304 is a figure that is neither consistent with the concession agreement nor in tune with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
During the past 14 months, demand was less than the capacity and, therefore, it cannot be considered as a ground for BIAL’s claim of higher capacity. BIAL is attempting to mislead and confuse all by providing incorrect figures of capacity, AAI alleged.
BIAL has provided the minimum area per million passengers, even when compared to other Indian airports, AAI alleged.
Besides, airports such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Dubai and Heathrow have provided 60 to 85 sq m area per PHP against BIAL’s per PHP area of 26 sq m, AAI stated in its rejoinder.
“The BIAL has been making contradictory statements at different points of time.
Earlier it had accepted in the concession agreement the peak hour capacity of 2,733 whereas BIAL conveyed to AAI its peak hour capacity is 3,606. Now, BIAL is claiming a peak hour capacity of 6,304. All these indicate that BIAL is trying to create a smokescreen to twist true facts,” AAI remarked.
In its 15-page rejoinder, AAI alleged that the statements made by BIAL are without any substantive, collaborative or supporting study, in complete contrast to AAI’s report, which was based on a detailed study.
The methodology used by the AAI met the practical situation, as it has been tested at several airports over 30-35 years, the airports authority stated.


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