Sunday, January 03, 2010

Posters, hoardings everywhere But are they authorised by BBMP?

Posters, hoardings everywhere But are they authorised by BBMP?
Across the city there is a display of posters, hoardings, banners etc. Some of the colourful banners displayed in Indiranagar and nearby areas are just to convey birthday wishes to politicians. Others are related to elections and some about movies also. But are these posters and banners allowed to be put up anywhere in the city?
Last week the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike removed three unauthorised hoardings from Domlur. According to the officials, the posters, hoardings or banners before being put up at any area in the city need to have the seal of BBMP. "For putting up such posters there is a procedure. People can't just put up the poster or banner anywhere they want. If the poster, hoarding or banner does not have the BBMP seal, it is unauthorised", said Dr. Khandre PRO, BBMP.
These banners need to be of a particular size and can be put up on the authorised days by the BBMP. The authorities check these hoardings and posters on a daily basis. Every day across the city there is checking of such banners. Last week the BBMP authorities removed around 350 of them. Although putting up such banners is unauthorized, they are still seen all over with colourful images and writings.
The BBMP is pulling down such posters, but it has to be seen whether this will stop the people from putting up such things once and for all is yet to be seen.


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