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No water, roads in BDA layout

No water, roads in BDA layout

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Almost 10 years after it was developed by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), Anjanapura Layout lacks basic civic amenities like roads, drains, electricity and water supply.
Its remoteness seems to act like a beacon to thieves as people here complain of frequent thefts and robberies. And after a robbery, people find they have to go all the way to the Talaghattapura police station in Ramanagara taluk even to lodge a complaint. When the layout was being developed, the BDA should have also addressed security concerns in the area by ensuring that a police station was also set up close by for better security. Quarrying in the vicinity adds to their misery as the blasting sets window panes of their houses rattling and disturbs traffic.

Most here dread the monsoons as the roads, damaged by the large number of trucks carrying loads from the quarries, trap rainwater in their crater- like potholes, and turn the layout into a large pool of water.

"The BDA should be ashamed of having developed a layout without providing it with underground drainage and water supply," says Sampath Kumar, a retired superintendent of police, who, shockingly, reveals that people here depend on pits which they have dug for sanitary purposes. With Cauvery water being still a distant dream, the layout depends on borewells and tankers, according to him. With each tanker costing about Rs 250, the residents end up shelling out huge sums only on buying water, he says.

And till last month the layout was almost in darkness due to poor lighting in the area. Repeated requests got the people a few street lamps but these are inadequate, says Pushpa R., another resident, who laments that their pleas for better drains, water and roads are still going unheard by the authorities concerned.

Residents allege that the BDA is bothered only about creating new layouts without ensuring that these layouts have the necessary amenities in place. This layout is like a godforsaken place, with no amenities to speak of. BDA has also not provided a 30 feet main road to Bannerghatta Main Road.

Davala Raghuveer, builder The BDA has become worse han private builders. It has not bothered to provide underground drainage and water supply in the layout.

Sandya Rao, resident, Gottigere The BDA itself has violated the master plan. The layout also lacks open spaces.There is an overgrowth of bushes and shrubs in the layout.


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