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Bylaw delay has BBMP stumped

Bylaw delay has BBMP stumped

January 3rd, 2010
By Our Correspondent
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Jan. 2: Amendments to BBMP’s Advertisement Bylaw, 2006 on zoning regulations have not yet been approved by the government, leaving the civic body no choice but to follow the current law on display of hoardings and posters, according to official sources. “If the government approves the amended bylaw, it will help BBMP enforce the rules better and also boost its collection of taxes and fees,” says a BBMP officer. The amendment to the bylaw makes more roads advertisement-free to prevent motorists and other commuters from being distracted while driving on them and prevent accidents. But with the changes still not approved, the existing bylaw continues to be in operation.
Under its provisions Bengaluru has been divided into A, B, and C zones to plug revenue leaks from display of hoardings and advertisements in the city. No hoardings or posters can be displayed in zone A and those who do so can be prosecuted. In zone B, 30ft x 15ft, and 40ft x 20ft hoardings can be erected, while in zone C 2ft x 24ft, 30ft x 15 ft and 20ft x 40 ft advertisements can be displayed.
A BBMP squad is expected to inspect the zones every month to identify unauthorised display of hoardings, if any, and remove them. BBMP has been holding talks with Keonics to create a GIS-based information system on hoardings across the city to keep track of them more effectively.


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