Friday, January 22, 2010

BBMP’s mega tender under HC scanner

BBMP’s mega tender under HC scanner

Express Newes ServiceFirst Published : 22 Jan 2010 04:33:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 22 Jan 2010 07:32:14 AM IST
BANGALORE: The High Court has directed BBMP to submit the entire file regarding tender notification on the Rs-13,000 crore civil works in Bangalore.
While hearing a public interest litigation filed by PR Ramesh and Ramachandrappa, former mayors of BMP, a division bench headed Justice V Gopala Gowda directed BBMP to submit the details of estimation of the projects, prequalified tender notification, particulars regarding authorities assigned with the job of inviting and accepting tenders and government approval for the tender to the court. The court has adjourned the hearing to Monday.
The petitioners stated that the tender notifications issued on September 23, 2009 and January 1, 2010 were contrary to the Karnataka Municipal Council Act and Transparency Act.
For pre-qualification tenders of value more than Rs 10 crore, certain procedures had to be followed. But in this case, they had not been followed.
For approval, the detailed project report should be placed before the Cabinet. That was not done by BBMP, the petitioners said.
The work code has not been issued. Many of the projects look like they are imaginary, they said. A six-lane flyover is proposed between High Grounds and Hebbal. But there appears to be no space for constructing such a flyover.
The rate quoted by the bidder, which was on the higher side, was accepted, the petitioners said.
No procedure was followed in finalising the tender of the magnitude of Rs 13,000 crore.
BBMP officials had not done a detailed discussion for the projects. The total value of the project was Rs 12,7773.99 crore, whereas the annual income of BBMP is around Rs 600 crore, the petitioners said.
BBMP has decided to carry out civil works like widening, strengthening and asphalting of roads in Bangalore. Converting nine high-density corridors into signal free corridors, constructing large and medium scale markets, multilevel car parking and other civil works are included in the tender notification.


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