Saturday, December 05, 2009

Road widening work stalled

Road widening work stalled
Bangalore, Dec 4, DHNS:

Works on widening Tannery Road was stalled on the second day following argument between the traders and the BBMP regarding compensation for the land.

The Palike authorities gave contradictory reports on the issue while Additional Commissioner (East) Venkatramana Nayak, was not available for comment.

According to a Palike official, the work was stalled earlier on Friday morning as a miscreant tried to instigate the traders to derive some political mileage for the upcoming BBMP polls. Meanwhile, another official associated with the Tannery Road project stated that being a Friday they had given the traders a break from the demolition work. Dissenting voices among the trading community here said that the Transfer of Developmental Rights (TDR) amount provided is quite less. Instead they proposed that the BBMP should give them a lump sum compensatory amount.

Meanwhile the Palike plans to relocate a temple and church, which are among the 690 structures to face demolition. “People have already agreed to take the TDR for the temple and the church,” said a BBMP official. The road-widening project began on Thursday morning with the BBMP demolishing 13 of its own shops and a recently constructed BBMP building.


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