Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The many virtues of age

The many virtues of age

The DNA-IMRS project surveyed 1,100 residents across Greater Bangalore, coming up with the definitive list of the city's livability index. This quality-of-life metric is defined by a respondent's experience and perception of facilities like housing, education, entertainment, infrastructure, and security, among other things

Senthalir S. Bangalore

One of the oldest localities in the city, Basavanagudi remains a favourite with Bangaloreans. With huge trees dotting the roads, Basavanagudi reflects the culture of old Bangalore.
Basavanagudi refers to the Bull Temple located here. The temple has a monolith statue of the Nandi Bull. Though uncomfortable with the changing landscape of old Bangalore due to huge infrastructural developments, the residents feel that it remains the best residential area in Bangalore. "The USP of Basavanagudi is its history," says actor Kiran Srinivas, a resident of Basavanagudi.
The locality houses numerous temples, the best educational institutions, small lakes and has Lal Bagh with its lush green trees and beautiful plants. "Residents here enjoy taking a stroll in Lal Bagh. Besides, it is the pleasant atmosphere and the kind people here that make it lovable. There are lots of eateries — coffee bars, Vidyarthi Bhavan, Adigas and more," he adds.
Till a decade ago, this neighbourhood was a homeland for Kannada speaking scholarly Brahmin families and other communities.
Kavitha Lankesh, director, who grew up in Basavanagudi, says: "Right from my childhood to graduation, I spent my life here. My memories are embedded with this place. It is the oldest locality and has a regional sense."
She adds that unwanted infrastructural developments like the flyover near National College have changed the landscape of this place. Recent developments like the Tagore Circle underpass would also have the same fate.
Despite these changes, Basavangudi will not change much, feels Kiran.


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