Friday, November 20, 2009

‘I don’t enjoy Bangalore anymore’

‘I don’t enjoy Bangalore anymore’
Fear of the law should be ingrained in every road user for the situation in our city to improve

Ihave given up on the traffic situation in Bangalore. It is always on the edge and at breaking point. I was recently driving to a dubbing studio and a biker was ahead of my car. Both of us were driving leisurely. Out of nowhere, a scooter rider entered and crashed into the bike. The scooter driver fled. I did what I could to help the bike rider. Because of no fault of his, he was suffering. Seeing all the blood made me sad and disturbed me out of my wits. I could not do any work that day.
Driving in Bangalore’s traffic drains away 50 per cent of the energy. The rest is gone with the irritation that comes along. No wonder there is no energy or inclination to work when you reach the workplace. The traffic is going from worse to pathetic. I do not enjoy Bangalore anymore.
We see each road being given a new dimension. Unfortunately, each project results in roads being dug up and left in that condition for months. An underpass work near my home has been going on for more than two years now. Now we do not even see men working there. On the Puttenahalli Main Road is a small junction where a private person has dumped sand and construction stones. It is creating huge traffic jams twice a day.
The fear of the law is gone. The fear factor should be back. Otherwise, we cannot expect the system to work. If a common man can undo the damage and manage the infrastructure, then there is no need of the system at all. But the solving has to come from the system. Sadly, we see the system at work very rarely. Comparisons may be futile, but look at Singapore. It is a well-organised city where the fear of the law is in every man’s blood. They park their cars where they have to and not where they manage to.
Road is the only connection between people in Bangalore. We hardly know the other individuals. It is the road and the traffic that connects us all. Until the Metro sees the light of day, roads will be our only connection. And this is the place where we lose any good frame of mind we are in before reaching our destination.
The only places where the system works as it should is in the localities and roads where ministers have their residences. The traffic is controlled and wrong parking is not allowed. The best of traffic rules is followed when a minister or politician is visiting. The privileged class gets away with everything. Where will the commoner go?


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