Tuesday, November 24, 2009

12 lakes get BDA push

12 lakes get BDA push

NR MadhusudhanFirst Published : 23 Nov 2009 01:05:00 AM ISTLast Updated : 23 Nov 2009 08:18:42 AM IST
BANGALORE: The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is planning to develop the 12 lakes handed over to it by the government by turning them into aqua parks. The BDA also plans to involve people of the area to maintain them after they are developed.
Nearly 200 varieties of different species of water plants that have the capacity to absorb and store heavy metals would be planted in these lakes.
Many trees like Moringa Ptergosperma and Stirynchus would be planted on the periphery of the lakes. The fruits and seeds of these trees have the capacity ot improve the quality of water. Whitex Nengandu, a species of plants that repel mosquitoes, would be planted around the lakes and the smell of these plants are supposed to be good for health.
The BDA is planning to educate the people and educational institutions around the lakes about the adverse effects of indiscriminate dumping into lakes. People will be encouraged participate in the maintenance of these lakes after they are developed. Besides setting up a walker’s path and a cycling path, the BDA is also planning to do the landscaping and develop a garden and children park and erect Gazebos and fountains in these lakes.
Reputed environmentalist and advisor to BDA on developing the lakes AN Yellappa Reddy said, “We are planning to develop these lakes into sound ecological bodies that would be conducive to health.” At present BDA is focusing on preventing the sewage water from entering these lakes. Sewage treatment plants would be set up to treat the water before entering the lakes in which the sewage water enters the most.
In the other lakes the sewage water is being diverted away from the lake.
Many people in the catchment areas defecate and urinate in open areas and it flows into the lakes.
In order to prevent such pollution, wet lands with various duck weeds that have the capacity to purify the water that enters the lakes will be constructed.
BDA has completed the dewatering process of these lakes.


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