Friday, October 23, 2009

Sinking and STINKING

Sinking and STINKING
Ulsoor Lake Is Once Again Swamped In Muck After Ganesha Immersions

Bangalore: Piles of muck, swarming insects, broken barricades and the terrible stink that follows you all along the stretch. Ulsoor lake is back to being the stinking place it was.
What’s worse, the 20-odd workers here are still trying to clear the remains of Ganesha visarjan which happened way back in August! Whatever’s been removed is all piled up at one of the embankments made for this purpose. This despite four tractors being deployed to ferry the debris on a daily basis.
“It’s taking us longer this time. There’s not enough water supplied to clear it faster. This apart, a leakage in the enclosure is also delaying the progress of work. But we’re trying our best,’’ explained a worker on the spot.
But, it’s not just about one spot. The entire walking stretch along the lake is hit by a similar stench. The most unbearable spot is at the gate near the statue of Thiruvalluvar which was recently installed. The portion of the lake here now has a thick film of stinking green mess floating above.
Regular morning walkers have seen the damage go from bad to worse. Shailender, part of a group of visually impaired students from Delhi, is on his first trip to the lake on Thursday afternoon. He was taken aback: “It’s unbearable. I can sense it’s not clean. I wonder how people go boating here. I could also feel many insects fly by. And, obviously, the stink is terrible. And from what I felt along my way, it’s sure not a walkable stretch all along,’’ he said. Interestingly, many of them had the same question: “We come here after hearing Bangalore is a city of lakes. Is this the plight of all of them?’’


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