Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Home out of bounds

Home out of bounds
A storm water drain work, which has been on for over two years, has left ‘homeless’ residents of several apartments off Bannerghatta Main Road; And, BBMP has no clue when work can be completed

About 1,000-plus families off Bannerghatta Main Road have been cut off from their homes, thanks to the BBMP’s lethargy. The civic body’s two-yearold storm water drain works remain incomplete, while its staff have “no idea” when the work will get over.
The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike had begun work near Ranka Colony. This road leads to Ranka Colony, Mantri Terrace and other apartments, but has remained out of reach for its residents. With their appeals falling on deaf ears, residents have laid a temporary road on their own.
Both Mantri Terrace and Surabhi Apartments have only one entrance that has remained blocked. “If we have to take the other route, it is another 7-km detour,” said Bose Uthaiah, the facility manager at Mantri Terrace.
Residents have made numerous complaints to the BBMP, but it has yet to speed up work. “Some are leaving our apartment because of these problems,” he moaned.
Residents of Mantri Terrace, which comprises 110 flats, pooled in Rs 3,000 each and got temporary, mud road laid.
Sudhir Pakhare, a resident of Surabhi Apartments and an employee of Accenture on Bannerghatta Road, said his car had got stuck in the road last week. He had to get a crane to get it out.
Although the Ranka Colony has a rear gate, its residents need to traverse an additional 2 km to reach it. That, of course, is not without problems. “We have to go through the Vijaya Bank Colony and the road is too narrow. Even that road has been dug up and we are left with little space to drive through,” said Venkat, a resident of Ranka Colony.
Pedestrians dread to tread this road, especially in this season, when the mud gets slippery. “There isn’t enough space to walk; even if we want to, it is dangerous,” said Rahul Ganguly, a resident of Ranka Colony.
Pooja Sup er Market on the road used to do roaring business. “This road ‘block’ has cost half my business. I have spent Rs 8,000 to get a wooden bridge built and Rs 1,000 for laying a mud road to enable people reach our shop,” said Prakash Choudhary, the manager.
BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena, however, seems to have “no idea” when the work will be completed.
“I have no off-hand information” about the deadline, he said.
Meena said he will send a team to check the status of the work soon. “If need be, we will take action against the contractor,” he added.


At Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 10:18:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Swati said...

"BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena, however, seems to have “no idea” when the work will be completed. "

Thats such an irresponsible statement.

Hopped over your blog searching some info about BMTC and loved it..will come by more often


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