Saturday, November 03, 2007

Brews, bites ’n’ bytes

Brews, bites ’n’ bytes

Cafe Mocha, with its delightfully relaxed ambience, delectable eats and drinks lives up to its promise of coffee and conversation

Photo: Sampath Kumar G. P.

Have a seat The quaint, roomy seating arrangements contribute to the relaxed atmosphere

The news of the opening of Mocha warmed the cockles of one’s heart. And so off we trotted down tree-lined winding lanes with the caffeine detector set on high. The detector of course went berserk as it zeroed in on a pretty yellow and pink heri tage building on Lavelle Road.

This is Café Mocha where all the caffeine people can indulge big time. You could choose from a truly mind-boggling range of coffees. From Jamaican blue mountain to Hawaiian kona fancy, from from Kenya AA to Ethiopian yirgacheffe sidamo, from the Sumatra mandheling to Java estates and monsoon Malabar to India peaberry, there are coffees from the around the globe.

Then there are blends, the de-caffeinated variety (for the pretenders) cappuccinos, espressos, lattes and the laced options including Irish coffee and café Zabaglione. For non-coffee drinkers there is hot chocolate, and a couple of teas including massala chai, Moroccan mint tea and chamomile.

There are whole meals and desserts cunningly masquerading as milkshakes. The names though are a dead giveaway as you have names like Ferrer Rocher, Lindt, M&M, Tobeleron and Kit Kat. And each of these shakes have the said chocolate blended with a complementing ice cream. Is that deliciously sinful or what?

The range of short eats is as mind-altering. From muffins to pies, cookies to paninis, wraps to crustinis and some flavoursome tapas which would have you say ole with glee, they can easily stand in for the personification of scrumptious.

However the personal favourite for sheer innovativeness had to be the noodles. Who would have thought the humble Maggi noodle would acquire this patina of sophistication with cream cheese and garlic? And then there is also a creamy cheesy fondue served with grilled Panini bread, potato wedges and scrambled egg.

After all that stuffing, do remember to keep some space for desserts which totally redefines extravagance. I went with the delightfully decadent vertigo which is a rich dark four-tiered chocolate cake.

There is also the famous Philadelphia cream cheese cake and tiramisu among many other delectable treats. The thing to remember is that servings are beyond generous and can be shared making for that perfect go along with scintillating conversation.

Café Mocha offers the “all day breakfast” which includes waffles, a wide range of omelettes from around the world and also the Mumbai-style brekker complete with bun maska and chai. For the smokily inclined there are a range of flavoured hookahs.

The whole concept of food and drink from around the world is echoed in the décor which looks colonial from the outside. Step in and you get a whiff of Morocco, a dash of the Mediterranean, the tangy feel of Bali and Brazil.

Apart from coffee and conversation and a gargantuan spread, there is the Mocha Life shop where the work of upcoming artists adorn the walls. The quaint furniture, curios and music all contribute to a uniquely rounded experience. And if you like what you see, you can buy it and take the experience home.

Mocha – Coffees & Conversations is at 25/2, Lavelle Road. Call 65357111, 65357222

Ambience: Exotic and homey
Service: Attentive
Specialities: Coffee and desserts
Wallet Factor: Totally affordable


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