Monday, September 06, 2010


By: Bindiya Carmeline Thomas Date: 2010-09-03 Place: Bangalore

Even after a 15-day deadline issued to its corporators for pothole repair, BBMP doesn't know where to begin

With the pothole menace growing with each passing day, the BBMP has taken matters into its own hands and has instructed its corporators to begin a 15-day mission to cover potholes in the city.

While the circular was issued on August 31, the BBMP has only begun covering potholes on a minor level and still has no clue as to how many potholes there are in the city.

AK Gopal Swamy, the BBMPs Engineer-In-Chief, said, "The circular has been issued to us but the work has not started in full swing because of the heavy rains.

The BBMP has granted Rs 1 lakh to each ward. However, the work has not been started on a large
scale due to paucity of funds.

We might have to start all over again if we do." He added, "We haven't conducted a study on the number of potholes.

But we expect our corporators to give us a list in their wards. Only then will we know the total number."

A BBMP official said, "Commissioner Siddaiah had said that each ward would be granted Rs 1 lakh each but right now there is no budget. Once the 15 days are over, we'll know how much we've spent."

"As a matter of principle, I cannot comment on the matter. We are all members of the same wheel. I have nothing to say," said Praveen Sood, additional commissioner, (Traffic and Security).


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