Sunday, August 08, 2010

Who said there will be no road-widening?

Who said there will be no road-widening?

Mayor SK Nataraj's statement is an eyewash, says BBMP's Opposition leader

Team DNA Bangalore

Twenty-four hours after the big breather on road-widening, comes the shocker. The BBMP has no legal right to dump the road-widening plan. According to M Nagaraj, the leader of Opposition in the BBMP council, mayor SK Nataraj's much-publicised statement that residential areas will be spared from the controversial plan is nothing but a mere eyewash because only the Cabinet has the right to decide on the plan.
"Any change to the plan can be decided by the Cabinet followed by a notification on the same. Any modifications to the project can only be done by the state government and not the mayor," said Nagaraj. "The growing public anger has forced the mayor to come up with such statements," said Nagaraj. Bangalore incharge minister R Ashok, however, stuck to Friday's version. "The government has not dropped the project. It will continue once the resurvey is done and public opinion is collected.


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