Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We want ‘Meter Jam’ every month, jammit!

We want ‘Meter Jam’ every month, jammit!
Online Campaign Attracts Responses From Other Cities

Bangalore: The web campaign — Meter Jam — against overcharging and refusing autorickshaws, is picking speed. Web portals like, Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with responses and reactions from harried passengers. In fact, netizens are suggesting that the movement be made a monthly one to make it effective.
The campaign launched by three advertising professionals in Mumbai has attracted responses even from Bangalore and Delhi. It’s an initiative by a bunch of folks who would “rather do what they can than complain about what’s not being done’’. While the majority online expressed their grouse against autorickshaw drivers, some have sympathized with them, stating that those at the wheel, too, have their own share of problems.
Netizens feel like Bus Day, ‘Meter Jam’ could be made once-a-month affair. Regularity, they believe, will leave an impact. There’s also this section of people who feels passengers wouldn’t mind paying as long as the meter is fair. One Twitter message indicated auto drivers in a particular area of Mumbai didn’t talk impolitely all day on Monday. Whether polished behaviour is just an eyewash to save their pockets or are they actually giving a serious thought to passengers’ plight is yet to be gauged.
What commuters said on the web We have to observe MeterJam every month! Just like Bus Day! Wat say? The Meter Jam will have more impact if done for a month religiously Say no to autos on August 12 Autowallas overcharge, refuse 2 go our way,& hold the city to ransom through strikes. So why cant v for 1 day refuse them? Hope this will work out in B’lore on Aug 12th. An ideal way to deal with the autorickshaw drivers here Revenge of the commuters But i agree u for onething that they shud do their duty properly... also no one is asking them to be auto drivers!!if they have decided then let them do their job properly! ha ... THE SYMPATHIZERS
Who told u to pay them extra.... not all autowalas are like that... also they dont knw other job to earn money...don’t blame all
Please every one try to understand autodrivers problems ..... imagine Bangalore without autos
Even one of the my frend is an autodriver in Yashavantpura.... he never says ‘NO’ - I support autodrivers .... no one bothers about their problem ..


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