Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This corporator does the vanishing trick

This corporator does the vanishing trick
Stinking Stormwater Drain Flows On The Main Road
Sunitha Rao R | TNN

It’s a lake in name only. What flows into it is garbage and drain water, enveloping the area in unbearable stench
Bangalore: Hosakerehalli as the name suggests is a tankbed, but is where the area’s garbage is dumped. Shockingly, not just the residents, the BBMP itself dumps the area’s garbage in this tankbed.
“Since we stay close to this tankbed which has a storm water drain flowing near it, even the garbage collectors have stopped coming here to collect the garbage. They ask us for money to collect it from our homes and throw it the same drain,’’ says Sujatha A, a resident of Dattatreya layout.
“Our efforts to reach the corporator have been futile. He is least bothered about our problems. The lake has become a garbage dumpyard and with dirty stinking water flowing next to it,’’ says Yougene Bastian, president, Hrishikesh Vidya Peetha.
Corporator Narayana has not conducted a single meeting with the residents ever since he won the BBMP elections, say residents.
“It is one week now since the doorto-door garbage collection van has come to our layout, says Hombe Gowda, a resident of Chowdappa layout.
Areas like Dwarakanagar have no drainage. So, whenever there is a downpour, rainwater gushes into houses.
For those living in the vicinity of Hosakerehalli Kerekodi, life has become hell with the stinking stormwater drain flowing on the main road.
Another major problem are footpaths. Says Mudligiri Gowda, a resident ofThimmaraya Gowda layout, tiles on the footpath were laid recently but some have already come off. “One side of the road has a well-maintained footpath that was laid four months ago. The one laid on the other side recently reflects BBMP’s shoddy work. Mud is used to re-fix these loose tiles. It is unsafe for pedestrians. We have never seen the corporator.”
Hosakerehalli lakebed has many encroachments. They should be removed. The lake which was earlier a widely used water body now has drainage water flowing into it.
Drains have not been desilted.
No coordination between public, BBMP and the corporator that has made the ward stinking and filthy.
Many phone calls to the corporator drew a blank
“Hosakerehalli lake was earlier spread across 59 acres of land, which has now been reduced to less than 40 acres due to encroachments. The storm water drain that flows from Kamakya is connected to this lake, which makes the area stink. The storm water drain is connected with sanitary, sewerage lines of thousands of houses which pollute the water body. No action has been taken by the corporator. No action has been taken by the Lake Development Authority either despite several complaints.” — S Niranjana, | PRESIDENT, NIRANTHARA
“Drainages are blocked with garbage. BBMP officials pass the buck saying it has to be cleared by the health department. Ultimately, we are the sufferers. The lake close to my office is used as a rubbish dump and as a public toilet. Kerekodi bus stop, where are there no bus shelters, is just next to the stinking storm water drain.” — R Ramesh | A RESIDENT
“Sanitary lines are not connected to our houses. The corporator has not visited our areas. Many of us are yet to get sale deeds for our houses.” — Bylamma P, | RESIDENT, MARUTHI NAGAR


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