Monday, August 30, 2010

State prunes plan, but to go ahead all the same

State prunes plan, but to go ahead all the same

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Despite the opposition to its plans for Lalbagh, the government appears set on going ahead with them, only agreeing to prune them a little in tune with public sentiments.
Horticulture minister Umesh Katti says everything will be done to make the garden more beautiful without the cutting of trees or destruction of the natural rocks in its grounds.

According to him environmentalists and local residents are only really against the musical fountain and laser beam show planned for the garden.

“We are in talks with these groups. They are okay with a rock garden without a fountain and the laser beam show and support the idea of creating an artificial waterfall in the park as it will help clean the water used for gardening in its grounds,” says the minister.

Responding to the opposition to cutting of rocks in

the process of upgrading the park, the horticulture department claims no natural rocks will be destroyed, and instead plants will be grown around them to make them more attractive.
“The soil on the rocks will make it easy to grow plants and will make the garden look more beautiful than ever,” says its officials, who

also assure that the natural habitat of birds and other species in the garden will not be disturbed while the amusement park is being built.
“The construction work will be carried out with as little disturbance as possible,” they say, making a promise that will certainly be difficult to keep.


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